5 Exercises You Should Never Do

With Alba Hatcher the Founder/CEO of Trainer In PINK

“The human body is beautifully designed to heal itself and when you give it the proper fuel and exercise it in the way God intended, it can do amazing things.”

– Alba Hatcher

No Pain No Gain is phrase most everyone has heard and that many live by. It has become the benchmark in many fitness realms and as result has equated to injury, loss of function and innumerable muscle compensations.

This idea has invited trainers to ‘come up with something new’ and while I applaud their desire to be innovative it, many times just leaves me scratching my head.

Top 5 Exercises You Should Never Do

It is always important to understand your GOAL in any exercise and to remember our body, and each of its parts, has been created to work in a certain function, it is our job as fitness professionals to understand that design and to work within it in creating a safe and effective exercise program.

The exercises shown in this video are commonly found in boot camp and group class settings. They are in my opinion found to do more harm than good and should not be used unless for specific movement based training or sports specific (just kidding, I really can’t think any).


  • Bench Tricep Dips: Commonly found with outdoor based workouts. The strong extension of the shoulder opens the availability for injury to the anterior muscles of the shoulder as well as the internal structure.
  • Ass to the Grass Squat: That’s right cross-fitters you’ve been called out and the “research” behind the benefits of this squat opens the idea of pooping while you squat during exercise and no body wants to see that.

“The spine is the most vulnerable of the joints during squatting. Because the lumbar spine is better able to handle compressive force than shear, a normal lordotic curve should be maintained in this region, with the spinal column held rigid throughout the movement.” (1)

  • Wall Sit: Creates a shearing force similar to a squat or lunge where the knees pass the toes. This is biomechanically incorrect, damages the joint and leaves muscles out of the equation during specific exercise which defeats the purpose.
  • Straight Overhead Weight during a Squat: You’re basically ripping apart your shoulder. Max flexion of the shoulder does not allow your arm to remain straight up in a proper squat movement. It just doesn’t work, STOP IT!
  • Lumbar Support for Leg Lifts: This one made the cut because of how common it is. Hip flexor and abdominal exercises are great but if you cant do them without the support of your lumbar spine then you should either avoid or modify.


  1. SemanticsScholar.org, Global Fitness Services: The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Squatting Kinematics and Kinetics and Their Application To Exercise Performance By. BRAD J. SCHOENFELD in Scarsdale, New York. © National Strength and Conditioning Association

Alba Hatcher CEO Of Trainer In PINK Talks About 5 Exercises You Should Never DoAlba Hatcher is a licensed bodywork therapist in the great state of Texas, an Ortho-Kinetics Specialist II Trainer, a biomechanics specialist and certified personal trainer through The Cooper Institute. She owns a company called Trainer In PINK offering in home personal training and injury rehab throughout the Dallas metroplex.

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5 Exercises You Should Never Do