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25 Natural Remedies Your Family Can Use

Are you in search of natural remedies for common ailments like the sleeplessness or a tummy ache, for example? If so, you need not look further than your pantry. The majority of the natural remedies in this post are staples in most households.

25 Natural Remedies Found In Your Home

Some of you had to have known a grandma that would tell you some of these as a kid, and you will scoff it off because you knew everything at the time and her ways were too “old school.”

Well, guess what? You only thought you knew everything, and your grandma was right. She is always right (surprise, surprise) and would say, “Kids these days need to learn some respect.”

Now as you begin to grow older, kids having a lack of respect becomes your complaint too. It is all about age and experience, and good ole grandma had both these qualifiers on us.

DISCLAIMER: We are not medical doctors, we are researchers. We are in no way licensed to advise you on your medical care, always consult with your primary care Doctor before trying any of these or other natural remedies that may interfere with any medications you are taking or any diagnosed medical conditions.

25 Natural Remedies For Common Ailments

1. Bad Breath – Chew on mint leaves or parsley to help with bad breath. You can also take liquid chlorophyll in water to help cleanse bodily odors.

2. Cold Sores – These pet peeves can stick out like a real sore thumb. Shorten the lifespan of the cold sore by applying a cold compress (with ice) followed by an application of witch hazel. Alcohol and peroxide at first sign may help as well. Try adding supplements like Lysine, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C to your routine. Or soak in an Epsom Salt bath for 20 mins.

3. Colds and Flus – To fight colds and touches of flu faster, mix one part honey with one part lime; a lemon with one cup of water; or half-a-dozen garlic cloves boiled in one cup of water. All three remedies are bursting with antiseptic properties. Gemmotherapy supplements like Briar Rose and Lithy Tree herbal drops in water can also help boost your immune system. If you are fighting anything, boosting your immune system is the way to go. Lots of water, sleep, vitamin rich foods, vitamin C, vitamin D, lysine, probiotics, Zinc, Echinacea Supreme, black elderberry syrup, elderflower and some essential oil blends like Doterra’s OnGuard (1) or Young Living’s Thieves have been shown to aid in boosting the immune system.

4. Constipation – Free the digestive tract by adding more fiber to your diet. One of the go-to natural remedies is mixing one tablespoon of flaxseed with a cup of apple juice. Fiber, probiotics and enough water are essential to staying regular. Drink kombucha, eat some yogurt with milled flaxseed, take some probiotics and if you doctor allows you, soak in an Epsom salt bath (If you have Diabetes, discuss Epsom Salt baths with your doctor first).

5. Cramp in the Leg – Commonly caused by dehydration, leg cramps will usually resolve by drinking more water throughout the day. You may also be lacking enough potassium in your diet so try eating a banana.

6. Eczema – A natural alternative to petroleum jelly is coconut oil. Breastmilk works wonders if it is available. Check out the GAPS program or diet; skin conditions can start with a gut bacterial issue. Vitamin D, magnesium and some sea salt seem to help some conditions of eczema. You could make a magnesium and sea salt spray and get some sunshine, or soak in an Epsom salt. Probiotics are also essential for helping gut issues.

7. Gas – Boil a piece of ginger or mint leaves in a cup of water and sip slowly.

8. Gout – Black Cherry juice is said to “work magic” for alleviating the symptoms of gout. Other things to try is the juice of 1 lemon juice mixed with 1/2 Tsp of baking soda in warm water (allow to settle and take immediately), 1 Tsp of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar mixed water (3x a day), ginger root, cold water, apples, and bananas are worth trying.

9. Hangover – In addition to water, the vitamin C in oranges speed up metabolic processes and flushes the system of alcohol faster. Also getting help if you can control yourself with alcohol will stop hangovers altogether.

10. Hay Fever – Bring chamomile to a boil and place your nose over the steam to breathe in its therapeutic and healing properties.

11. Head Lice – Head to the fridge and grab the mayo. Apply thoroughly to the scalp and hair for a 4-hour stretch, then rinse.

12. Hypercholesterolemia – Add sparkle to your clean food diet with organic red wine, which is believed to lower high cholesterol.

13. Hypertension – Some spices or fruits are well-documented to treat high blood pressure. Some include grapefruits, watermelon, lemon, and garlic.

14. Itchy Scalp – Add the juice of a fresh lime when rinsing your hair after the final conditioning.

15. Joint Pain and Arthritis – Don’t reach for OTC painkillers just yet. Try applying castor oil to the affected area twice per day for a week and see what happens.

16. Mosquitoes – Repel mosquitoes naturally by mixing one part lemon with one part eucalyptus and applying it to exposed skin.

17. Nausea – Ask any expecting mom and most will agree that ginger tea is great for nausea.

18. Pimples and Acne – Put those orange peels to good use by beating them with a mortar, meat tenderizer, or a good ‘ole rolling pin. Add a little bit of water to get the remedy to a liquid-like texture. Use cotton to apply to pimples and leave for five minutes. Rinse and repeat daily as needed.

19. PMS – Evening primrose and black currant seeds are famous for alleviating PMS.

20. Skin Irritations – Natural aloe leaves can be picked up in most grocery chains and feature calming properties for soothing skin irritations. Or organic aloe vera will do the trick.

21. Snoring – While not a complete cure, a humidifier can help to clear the airways at night and reduce snoring. Also, try sleeping on an incline.

22. Trouble Sleeping – Induce sleepiness and get a good night’s rest by fixing a warm glass of honey or milk right before bedtime.

23. Upset StomachGinger, chamomile tea and mint all help to settle an upset stomach.

24. UTIs – Fight the bacteria that causes UTIs by upping the intake of cranberries or cranberry juice.

25. Yeast Infections – Eat one cup of organic yogurt daily to keep yeast infections at bay.

If you or a loved one is feeling under the weather and it’s a non-life-threatening situation, these natural remedies are accessible, universal and non-toxic.

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