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20 Organic Restaurants in Texas That Are Killing It

Organic restaurants are proving that eating healthy isn’t just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Locally grown food is the first step to living better.

Aside from the health implications, organic and local food greatly improves the economy of the area it’s in. By 2019 sales are expected to grow to 20.2 billion dollars per year industry.

Organic restaurants and markets also contribute to the local economy by utilizing produce and meat from area farms. As consumers continue to prove they’re willing to pay more, large chain stores like Wal-mart and Aldi have introduced organic products into their grocery stores.

How Organic Resturants Differ

Countless restaurants, stores, and markets claim their food is “organic” or “local”, but how do you know if it really is?

Organic food is free of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, or any genetically modified organisms. When something says 100% organic, or certified organic it can only contain organic ingredients.

This is similar to the USDA organic standards for organic beef.

If it says 95% organic, then 95% of the contents including the water and salt are organic, and if it says 70% organic that means it is made with some organic ingredients.

The definition of what is considered “local” or “locally grown” is a little broader.

Local can be considered any produce or meat from a farm 400 miles or less from its destination or sourced from a farm within state borders. It just depends on what state you’re in.

Top 20 Organic Restaurants in Texas

If you happen to be in the lone star state, here’s the top 20 Organic Restaurants, and some of the best dishes they have to offer.

Let’s begin deep in the heart of Texas.

Organic Restaurants in Dallas

Ranking 5/5 stars, Frank is one of the number one organic spots in Dallas. Famous with a well deserved 5 stars, you can order anything off the menu and not even feel like it’s organic or vegan. This is an “underground” restaurant, for a “private dinner party experience”. Ben and Jennie will take great care of you here, just sign up on their mailing list to experience what all the fuss is about.

Located on the historic downtown McKinney square, this local farm to table restaurant takes reservations only. All produce and meats are locally harvested but beware this place is definitely not vegan, it is a meat lover’s heaven. If you are looking for local and organic, this place is it.

With three locations in Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton, this 100% plant based Diner and Bakery is organic, vegan, affordable and so yummy. Anything in the bakery will blow your mind with deliciousness and the Diner will surprise you on just how good vegan can taste.

This place has 5/5 well-deserved stars, which is not an easy task. Farm to table and all organic, this place is a vegetarian’s dream come true…Plant-based meals, to-go!

Southpaw’s Organic Grill gets 4.5 out of 5 stars (according to Yelp), despite having a 5-star menu. It may or may not be considered a bit pricey but every dish is worth every penny. With 5 different locations alone around Dallas, you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, and juices delivered if you are near one. Try Tiffany’s Avocado Bowl with the blackberry jasmine green tea or the Prodigy juice!

With over 350 reviews on Yelp and 689 positive reviews on Facebook, Sundown at Granada is the place to try in Dallas. We suggest the Seasonal Kale Harvest salad, to start, a Buddha Burger and the Double Chocolate Cake.

4.5/5 stars does not do a restaurant like Flower Child due diligence. As one of the ONLY places on the list that offers unlimited options for every diet; including organic, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. They deserve 5 stars.

Organic Restaurants in Austin

This sophisticated-sleek downtown Austin restaurant is something to experience. Everybody knows about Trace, and their well deserved 4/5 stars. Tucked away but not too hard to find, start your meal with a famous appetizer and lead to the big event with delicious heritage meats.

True Food Kitchen is the real deal, with 4.5/5 stars which takes them to the top of the list. They have two locations in Dallas and another one in Houston. Vegetarian lasagna and a guac bowl are ON POINT.

The famous Casa De Luz comes in at 4/5 stars with delicious local cuisine. The food concept is macrobiotic, rich in nutrients with balanced properties. Try the Hot Kukicha soup for something light and experience the peace that radiates Casa De Luz.

Pacha has 4/5 stars with a 5-star menu choice. The house made quiche is one of their number one requests. We love the blueberry-coconut pancakes with the Mexican Mocha!

Serving vegetarian breakfast and brunch isn’t easy, but they do it with 4/5 stars. The famous coconut salad is amazing! The Modern Market currently has over 30 locations across the US and growing. So be on the lookout for one near you.

Organic Restaurants in Houston

Harvest Organic Grille carries 4/5 stars serving certified Angus Beef and Natural Free Range Chicken. They are a great franchising opportunity offering fresh juices, choice meats, lentil cakes and a delicious vegan squash pasta.

Local Food may sound simple but they are the next level of an eatery. With 4.5/5 stars to boast about. Salad and sandwiches galore, if you’re looking for variety, give Local Food a try. With 4 locations and growing, Local Food has hit Houston hard with delicious satisfaction.

Earning a whopping 5/5, Julia Cooks Organic has a well-deserved spot at the top of the list. The stuffed avocados will leave you feeling full without all the harmful ingredients of the non-organic food. Let Julia bring the organic and fresh-pressed-ness to you with her sleek organic food truck.

4.5/5 stars make Juiceland near perfect. (We think you are perfect!) Grab a smoothie, a micro-nutrient shot or a salad after a workout or for lunch in Houston, Dallas, Brooklyn or at one of the 20 locations in Austin. Organic and cold-pressed are the theme at this awesome quick stop smoothie shop.

Organic Restaurants in San Antonio

Sweet Yams almost does it with 4.5/5 stars for the best organic soul food in Texas. This is the only 100% organic restaurant in San Antonio, and it’s affordable for everyone. Two of their signature dishes are vegan chili and sweet potato cupcakes for that sugar fix without the sugar.

5 Points Local ranks a well deserved 4.5/5 for food and yoga. If you love to do Chair Pose while you eat, this restaurant is just for you (Just kidding, they have chairs no worries). Drinking hot coffee while in Eagles Pose will get a free “Vinkie”, aka a Vegan Twinkie. (Okay, maybe I made that up too). 5 Points Local is a “100% Gluten Free Restaurant with Vegetarian, Vegan, & Paleo Options”. This place is a must try, again and again.

Chef Elizabeth Johnson truly cares about her customers’ health and palate. Table brings you the best with a high ranking of 4.5/5 without all the harmful fillers. The farm to table tacos will satisfy even the biggest appetites. Whether you are signing up for a workshop/class, picking up take out or starting a 3 day cleanse, Pharm Table has you covered.

With 4/5 stars Earth Burger serves up the best in traditional American Organic. A plant-based menu keeps this place honest and true to its name. The vegetarian burgers and sandwiches will satisfy your food fix.

Why Organic Restaurants?

Change your lifestyle by giving vegetarian, vegan, organic, local and farm to table a chance. Help the local economy, your body, and the environment by eating local and organic. Farm fresh, can’t be beaten. You’ll live longer and the area you live in will thrive. Do your part and make the change.

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