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Anna Taylor

Hello, my name is Anna. I grew up in Texas and created this website as a labor of love.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist, lover, and follower of Christ.

With so many new organic products flooding the market, I wanted to create an online destination where I could curate some of my favorite organic/health products, food, recipes, and research. Shining a spotlight on health and nutrition has become a passion of mine.

It all really started with this little guy.


My son and his story is the true fire starter of my passion for nutrition.

Mommy’s little fighter was born with a birth defect called duodenal atresia. This is a partial or complete blockage of the duodenum, the first part of the smaller intestine. “The absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients begins in the duodenum.”

He came early at 35 weeks and as soon as he was delivered, he was taken away. I didn’t get to hold him or look at him. Time was crucial for his survival. After all, we must be able to eat and digest food to survive, right?

I watched a video of them rubbing him down for measurements while he was in surgery. He died during surgery but God had another plan, thank you, Heavenly Father, for allowing them to resuscitate him.

Surgery was a success! We spent nearly 3 months in the NICU. During that time he suffered failure to thrive (FTT), Jaundice, threw up constantly and at one point we had everyone praying for poop. It was the sign that his body would function normally after surgery.

Close Up Of A Preemie's Hand Holding Mother's Finger During Photo Therapy Treatments For Jaundice In The NICU

Preemie Holding Mother's Finger In The NICUA Preemie's First Smile In The NICUPreemie Holds His Mother's Finger In NiCU While Recovering From Duodenal Atresia Surgery

Just as things seemed to be looking up, he developed medical NEC or Necrotizing Enterocolitis. “Necrotizing enterocolitis is a serious disease that occurs when the intestinal tissue becomes damaged and begins to die. It most often affects premature infants.”

His doctors sat us down and sternly advised us to stay away from gluten, dairy, meats, and too many processed food. Probiotics, superfoods, and organic whole food are his best bet. Immunity starts in the gut and our little guy has been compromised from the very beginning. Anything hard to digest or that causes inflammation could cause a more serious reaction in him.

As he grew older we found out that when he gets a fever spike he has seizures or febrile seizures. As of right now, a common cold or virus can put him in the hospital.

So what is his best defense? A healthy immune system and a balanced diet, free of pesticides and harsh chemicals that are hard to digest. What better reason than my son’s health to be inspired to get a nutritional degree?

A year after he was born, I was diagnosed with cancer. If his situation wasn’t a slap in the face, this news was a sit-down and take note, our health is so important!

Organic Roots

My son’s story and my journey created a passion filled mission. After asking around I noticed other parents and people had their own stories of why they too were looking for something real, natural and chemical free.

My Family

My family and friends mean everything to me.

I share my journey in case it can help anyone going through similar things.

My Little Family

My other passions are singing, connecting people, writing, and visual storytelling. Music, dance, film, and photography have been instrumental in shaping the person I am today.

If you want to understand what inspires me, look no further than your favorite recipe, song, scripture or movie. Aside from God and taking care of my family, connecting people to authentic and meaningful experiences is a big part of what makes me, me.

Anna Taylor

I truly hope this website helps you on your journey to a healthier organic lifestyle.